Wild Orange


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Unleash your taste buds with the vibrant and invigorating fusion of our Wild Orange Roasted Oolong Tea, a blend that combines the earthy depth of roasted oolong with the zesty allure of wild oranges.

Premium Roasted Oolong Base: Our Wild Orange Roasted Oolong Tea begins with a base of premium roasted oolong tea. This tea variety is celebrated for its roasted and robust character, providing a bold and grounding foundation for the blend.

Zesty Wild Oranges: The infusion of wild oranges adds a burst of natural citrusy zest to the oolong tea. The wild oranges impart a vivacious and tangy flavor that awakens your senses with each sip.

Earthy and Zesty Symphony: Experience a harmonious symphony of flavors as the roasted oolong’s earthy notes blend seamlessly with the lively zing of wild oranges. This tea is a captivating journey for the palate.

Versatile Enjoyment: Whether you prefer it hot or iced, our Wild Orange Roasted Oolong Tea offers versatility in every cup. It’s a tea that suits moments of contemplation and lively gatherings alike.

Natural Invigoration: This blend infuses a natural invigoration into your tea ritual, offering the perfect combination of warmth and zest to revitalize your day.

Embrace the vibrant and grounded experience of Wild Orange Roasted Oolong Tea. With each sip, you’ll embark on a sensory journey that captures the essence of roasted oolong and the spirited liveliness of wild oranges. Elevate your tea moments and discover the invigorating fusion that awaits in every cup.

Brewing Guide:

Minutes Temp. °C Tsp Cup Tsp for 1 Lit.
1-2 80 1 3


Oolong Tea, Safflower, Orange Slices, Rose Hip Peels, Rose petals, Beetroot, Apple Slices, Natural Flavouring.

Allergens Note: Packed in an environment that contains nuts and/or other allergens.

Weight N/A