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Opening soon!

Since 2010 tea lovers have journeyed to Hebden Tea in the Shambles to purchase the finest teas from across the world. Taking home a little piece of Wild Japan, the finest Chinese delights and the true flavours of India. Now, those same tea lovers old and new will soon be able to experience our brand-new tea house “Hebden Tea Experience”.

Hebden Tea will offer you the chance to experience the world of rare and unique teas like nowhere else. Discover the hidden delights of artisanal matcha and the freshest green teas served in traditional kyusu’s direct from Japan. Black tea fans will also not be disappointed by our range, sourced from the far corners of the earth, we have something to suit everyone.

We promise an unforgettable experience set amongst the vibrant atmosphere of York’s traditional Shambles.

Kung Fu Teapot

Enjoy the finest infusions as they are intended to be experienced using traditional Kung Fu teapots.
Sit down, relax and enjoy the taste of China over and over again by re-infusing your tea leaves.

Matcha, Chawan & Chasen

Matcha lovers will be delighted they can whisk their own matcha using a chasen (bamboo whisk) and chawan (matcha bowl) using the finest grade match.