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The Timeless Charm
of Earl Grey Teas

At Hebden Tea, we celebrate the enduring elegance of Earl Grey teas. Our collection offers a diverse range of this beloved blend, and at its heart lies Lady Hebden, our best-selling masterpiece.


Citrus Harmony

Our Earl Grey teas masterfully unite the bold notes of Bergamot with premium black tea, crafting a delightful citrus symphony.

Varied Selection

From traditional Earl Grey to unique renditions, our assortment caters to every taste.

Meet ‘Lady Hebden’

Among our Earl Grey teas, Lady Hebden reigns supreme, a marriage of Bergamot and orange with premium black tea, epitomizing citrus sophistication.

Discover the world of Earl Grey and let Lady Hebden lead you on a journey of citrus delight.

Discover the Perfect Breakfast Tea Blends


Start your day with the unmatched richness of our breakfast teas. Our carefully selected teas are ideal for those who crave a full-bodied morning brew. These teas, despite their large leaves, offer a robust and rich taste that can rival any traditional breakfast tea.

Why choose our breakfast blends?

It’s all in the leaves. We use broken tea leaves that release more tannins, resulting in a stronger and more invigorating flavour.

Explore our range of breakfast blends and elevate your mornings with every sip. Experience the difference of quality loose leaf tea that’s perfect for your breakfast routine.

Stump Teapots

Grey, Red, and Green – a blend of style and function for your tea ritual.

Elegant & Practical
Stump Teapots add sophistication to your tea table. Choose from Grey, Red, or Green to match your style.

Exceptional Brewing
Ideal for tea enthusiasts, the Stump Teapot brews loose leaf teas flawlessly with its infuser.

Varied Sizes
Available in different capacities to match your tea-drinking habits.

Durable Craftsmanship
Built to last with high-quality materials.

Find the perfect teapot to suit your style.

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