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Tea No 045

Nepal Maloom, Sikkim FTGFOP1

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Black Tea

Maloom, Sikkim FTGFOP, high-grade

Black Tea

Experience the elegance of Plantation Nepal Maloom FTGFOP-1, a high-grade Nepalese tea harvested during early summer.
Grown in the Himalayan region, these teas thrive at varying altitudes, similar to their Darjeeling counterparts.
Unlike Darjeeling teas, known for their complexity, Nepal Maloom offers a softer and gentler taste with mild grassy undertones. Explore the unique qualities of this exquisite tea, where the refinement of an early summer harvest meets the serene flavours of the Himalayas.

Taste Description

This tea unveils a light golden-copper cup, inviting you to savour its delicate and graceful character. With each sip, experience the serenity of a very gentle grassy taste that caresses the palate. What sets this tea apart is its remarkable softness, attributed to its low tannin content. It offers a refined and soothing tea-drinking experience, making it an exceptional choice for those who appreciate the subtlety and finesse of a premium tea.

The tea grade

FTGOP (Special Finest Tippy Golden Orange Pekoe) is a prestigious classification used to indicate the quality and characteristics of the tea leaves. Here’s a breakdown of what each part of the tea grade signifies:

  1. FTG (Finest Tippy Golden): This part of the grade indicates the presence of golden tips or buds in the tea. Golden tips are young tea leaves that are covered in fine, golden-colored hairs. They are prized for their contribution to the tea’s flavour and appearance.
  2. OP (Orange Pekoe): Orange Pekoe is a common grading term for black teas. In this context, it signifies that the tea consists of whole, unbroken tea leaves, excluding buds or tips. These leaves are typically larger and more intact compared to lower grades.

So, when you see the tea grade FTGFOP, you can expect a tea of exceptional quality with the presence of golden tips and whole, unbroken tea leaves. It often represents the finest teas available and is associated with a superior taste and aroma.


10g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1 KG

Dietary & Lifestyle

No Added Sugar, No Almonds, No Gelatine, No Milk, No Nuts, No Soya

Best time to drink

Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Milk Suitable

No, Optional

Tea leaf strength

Very Soft, Mild

Taste Guide

Grassiness: Medium, Refreshing

Country of Origin


Brewing time
3 minutes
Brewing temperature
Teaspoons per cup
1 teaspoon
Teaspoons per litre
3 teaspoons

Black Tea

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