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Matcha Gokou 30 Gr.



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Gokou Organic Matcha | ごこう有機抹茶

Distinguished as a cultivar of exceptional quality, Gokou Organic Matcha holds a revered status in the world of Japanese green tea. Celebrated for its distinctive characteristics, this matcha is a testament to traditional craftsmanship with the added benefit of being organically grown.

Officially registered as an organic cultivar, Gokou Organic Matcha delights the palate with its bright and refreshing taste, complemented by a fragrant aroma that enhances the overall tea-drinking experience. The name “Gokou” reflects its rich history and cultivation practices, while the organic cultivation ensures a tea free from synthetic additives.

Perfect for tea enthusiasts seeking an organic matcha with a nuanced flavour profile, Gokou Organic Matcha is meticulously grown and processed, meeting stringent organic standards. This exceptional matcha variety, originating from specific regions, promises a product of outstanding quality and authenticity.

Gokou Organic Matcha, with its distinctive green colour, is a splendid choice for those who appreciate an organic matcha experience that delicately balances umami and astringency, bringing a touch of sophistication to your tea moments.

  • Cultivated variety: Gokou
  • Weight: 30g (approx. 15 servings)
  • Product type: Organic Matcha
  • Nutritional content: Caffeine (64mg), Catechin/Theanine (0.2g), and Vitamin C (1.2mg)
Tea leaf strength




Dietary & Lifestyle

No Added Sugar, No Almonds, No Gelatine, No Milk, No Nuts, No Soya

Best time to drink

Morning, Afternoon

Taste Guide

Grassiness: Rich

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