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Tea No 360
Organic Vegan

Jasmine Jinjing High Grade

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Jinjing Jasmine Tea

Organic, High Grade

Embark on a sensory journey that transports you to the heart of nature’s elegance with our exceptional Organic Jasmine Green Tea.
This tea, of the highest grade, is a true testament to the art of tea craftsmanship.

In the gentle embrace of the spring harvest, our tea artisans handpick only the most delicate green tea leaves, ensuring that each leaf embodies the epitome of quality.
It is these leaves that form the canvas for our fragrant masterpiece.

Jasmine Tea Prodcution
Short Introduction:
  • Handpicked delicate green tea leaves from China’s lush landscapes form the foundation of this exquisite tea.
  • Freshly harvested jasmine blossoms, known for their captivating aroma, are meticulously layered alongside the high-grade green tea leaves.
  • Through a delicate process, the leaves naturally absorb the sweet and floral fragrance of jasmine, creating a harmonious infusion.
  • Over several hours, an intimate exchange takes place, seamlessly merging the essence of the blossoms with the green tea. This natural fusion transforms this high-grade green tea into something truly extraordinary, capturing both earthy tea leaves and the ephemeral beauty of jasmine.
  • In order to provide a clean and gentle taste of this green tea, the jasmine blossoms were carefully removed.
  • The result is a soothing and gentle green tea, graced with the rich, yet subtle, hints of jasmine.

Discover the pure essence of nature in every sip of our high-grade Organic Jasmine Green Tea. Immerse yourself in the soothing and gentle taste that only comes from the careful removal of jasmine blossoms, leaving behind their enchanting essence in the high-grade tea leaves. Elevate your tea experience with this exquisite blend, where nature’s finest meets in a cup of pure indulgence.


10g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1 KG

Milk Suitable


Best time to drink

Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Tea leaf strength


Dietary & Lifestyle

No Added Sugar, No Almonds, No Gelatine, No Milk, No Nuts, No Soya


Organic, Vegan (select for blends only)

Taste Guide

Floral, Grassiness: Medium, Refreshing

Aroma Guide


Country of Origin


Brewing time
2 minutes Re-infuse several times
Brewing temperature
Teaspoons per cup
1 teaspoon
Teaspoons per litre
3 teaspoons

Organic Green Tea

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