Greek Mountain Tea

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Freshness and wellness in a beautiful golden cup. Historically known as “Shepherd’s Tea,” this tea consists of flowers, leaves and stems of the Sideritis plant – native to the mountainous regions of Greece. This humble caffeine-free herbal infusion has a sweet, floral and earthy flavour that will have you finding yourself among the natural landscape of the Greek mountains with every sip. Aromatic, smooth and light, this tea is enjoyable at any time of day. For those with a real sweet tooth, our Greek Mountain Tea pairs perfectly with a spoonful of honey. For an enhanced flavour, try boiling the leaves of this tea in a pan of water before straining.

Brewing Guide:

MinutesTemp. °CTsp CupTsp for 1 Lit.
5 mins.10014-5


Greek Mountain Tea


50g, 10g

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