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Bai Mu Dan – Fujian White Peony Organic

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Bai Mu Dan – White Peony

Organic White Tea

A luxurious offering sourced from the Fujian province of China, renowned for its rich tea heritage and pristine tea gardens.

Harvested in the early spring, our Bai Mu Dan is meticulously crafted from the young leaves and unopened buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, ensuring only the highest quality selection for your cup. As an organic white tea, it is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, allowing you to indulge in a pure and natural tea experience.

Our Bai Mu Dan undergoes minimal processing to preserve its delicate flavour and subtle aroma. After harvesting, the leaves are gently withered to reduce moisture content, followed by careful drying to halt oxidation. The result is a tea that boasts a light, floral taste with hints of melon or honey, complemented by a smooth and velvety texture.

Beyond its exquisite flavour, our Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea is also packed with antioxidants, offering potential health benefits such as supporting heart health and boosting the immune system. With each sip, you can feel good knowing you’re nourishing your body and soul with this premium organic tea.

Treat yourself to the elegance of our Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea and elevate your tea-drinking experience with every luxurious cup.

For all our green, white, and oolong teas, we recommend using one of our Basket Infuser ⌀ 7.5cm for the optimum brewing experience.

Simply take a generous amount (heaped teaspoon) of your chosen tea leaves and place them in the infuser. Then, steep the tea in hot water according to the recommended brewing temperature and duration for the specific type of tea.

One of the unique qualities of these teas is their ability to be re-infused multiple times. After enjoying your first cup, simply place your tea leaves back into your cup and refill your infuser with hot water, steeping the leaves again to extract more flavour. You can repeat this process several times, with each infusion offering a subtly different taste profile.

This method allows you to fully appreciate the complexity and depth of flavour that our green, white, and oolong teas have to offer, making each cup a delightful and rewarding experience.


10g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1 KG

Milk Suitable




Tea leaf strength

Very Soft

Dietary & Lifestyle

No Added Sugar, No Almonds, No Gelatine, No Milk, No Nuts, No Soya

Best time to drink

Afternoon, Evening

Taste Guide

Grassiness: Soft, Refreshing

Country of Origin


Brewing time
2 minutes Re-infuse several times
Brewing temperature
Teaspoons per cup
1 teaspoon
Teaspoons per litre
3 teaspoons

Organic White Tea

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