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When looking for a fine tea from the south of India, we found the garden Thiashola and their SFTGFOP Nilgiri. Their production impressed us very much. Our quality has a fresh, slightly grassy flavour with a light body. It is reminiscent of the season’s first plucking of Assam and Dooars. This multi-coloured, uneven leaf with […]

York Breakfast Blend

York Breakfast Blend Blended in Yorkshire Introducing our York Breakfast Blend, a distinguished fusion of black tea leaves sourced from China and Africa. This exquisite blend delivers a tea experience like no other. York Breakfast Blend marries the best of both worlds, offering a unique taste that beautifully marries the freshness of Chinese tea with […]

Rwanda Pekoe – Organic

Rwanda Pekoe – Organic Our Rwanda Pekoe is a tea that celebrates the beauty of simplicity. Whether you prefer it plain or with a touch of milk, this tea is an invitation to savour the gentle embrace of black tea with a touch of Assamica character. Experience Rwanda’s tea tradition in every cup. Tea Description: […]

Lorne Blend

Lorne Blend Earl Grey This blend of Assam and Ceylon has a dark copper cup, a light harshness and mild tones of bergamot.

Masala Chai Morning Tea – Organic

This invigorating blend features Chinese Green Tea leaves as the base, replacing the traditional Assam variety. It boasts delightful hints of Jasmine, pepper, and cardamom to infuse a touch of spice and richness into your cup. With the addition of lemongrass, this blend achieves an extra layer of refreshment, as the zesty notes perfectly complement […]

Diamond Blend

Diamond Blend Cherry Earl Grey A hidden jewel in the Hebden Crown. Diamond Blend uses large Assamica leaves as a base to create a rich, aromatic flavour. Then we add just a pinch of sweet cherries and a hint of almond flavours – alongside zesty bergamot of course – to create the finest cherry bakewell […]

Russian Blend

Russian Blend Organic Black Tea Crafted with precision and expertise, our Russian Blend promises a delightful experience with every sip. Each cup reveals new layers of complexity, inviting you to explore its diverse and satisfying taste. Balancing Darjeeling’s elegance, Keemun’s smoky essence, and Assam’s robust malty undertones, our Russian Blend offers a unique blend of […]

Masala Chai Black Tea – Organic

Hebden’s Organic Masala Chai Black Tea, a blend that pays homage to the rich tapestry of flavors and aromatic spices that define the beloved masala chai. Immerse yourself in the traditions of Indian tea habits, where masala chai is not just a beverage but a daily ritual celebrated for its warmth and spice. Flavourful Symphony […]

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