Making Matcha Latte

Step by Step

1. Warm your matcha bowl by pouring hot water into it until it is half full. Swirl the water gently to ensure the bowl is evenly heated.

2. Soak the bamboo whisk in the same hot water and move it around gently to soften its prongs. The prongs can break off if the whisk is not softened before it is used. Once the bowl is warm to the touch, empty it and dry with a napkin.

3. Place a sieve over the bowl.

4. Using the bamboo scoop, measure out two heaped scoops of matcha powder and place them into the sieve.

5. Sieve the matcha powder into the bowl, using the scoop to press the powder into the sieve and ensure there are no lumps.

6. Once sieved, remove the sieve and add about 50ml of hot water.

7. Gently whisk the matcha powder and water together. Be careful to avoid applying too much pressure to prevent breakage of the whisk’s prongs. It’s okay if it’s not perfectly mixed at this stage.

8. Add another 50ml of hot water and whisk thoroughly until the matcha mixture develops a frothy pale green layer on top. The whisk should not hit the sides of the bowl.

9. Add 150ml of hot Milk to your matcha. Soya and Oat Milk are of course further options.

10. Optionally, add syrups, honey, or your preferred milk to taste.

Enjoy your homemade matcha latte!

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