Curious about the taste of a matcha latte?

Matcha lattes are wonderfully smooth and creamy, resembling a latte but with a vibrant green hue.
However, the flavour can vary depending on the quality of the matcha used. Ceremonial grade matcha, the highest quality, offers a smooth, slightly sweet profile without any bitterness.
Conversely, lower grades may have a hint of bitterness.
Premium matcha, sourced from younger leaves, provides a fresh, less intense taste.

For culinary endeavours such as matcha-infused cookies or cupcakes, opt for the more economical culinary grade matcha, which is known for its intense flavour profile. Despite its green appearance, a matcha green tea latte delivers a slightly savoury, grassy flavour due to its chlorophyll and amino acid content, which imparts a subtle umami taste.
Adding dairy can balance out the intensity, making it sweeter and more enjoyable.

Ceramonial Matcha
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