We’re often asked what are the best ways to store tea, or how long they’ll last once purchased. Below are a few tips on how to preserve your loose teas and keep them fresh.

It is important to make sure the container chosen to store your leaves is completely airtight. If exposed to air the leaves will absorb moisture in the air, along with any odors. Caddies and storage tins are perfect for loose leaves, as they will be airtight and opaque, making them impenetrable to sunlight. It’s also good to note that tea leaves stored in larger quantities are less likely to deteriorate quickly, as they are surrounded by less air within the container.

Keep Away From Sunlight
Sunlight is known to affect the aroma and flavour of the tea, so it’s important to always store your tea in a dark dry place, out of any direct sunlight. We also advise not using glass or clear jars to ensure that no light reaches the teas.

Types of Tea Differ
Black and Oolong tea will take longer to degrade, unlike teas such as Green or White, which happens because they have been oxidized to a further extent. Pu-Erh on the other hand does not need to be stored within an airtight container as these leaves will continue to oxidize over time.

Our Teas
As a general quote the shelf-life of our teas is 3 years, however to ensure that you get the most from your leaves we recommend that you use them within the year, as well as sticking to the other tips mentioned above.


By Hannah Skidmore