Nepalese White Tea – Shangri-La



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Nepalese White Tea ‘Shangri-La’ – Organic

Grown at an altitude of 1500 – 2000 m, this rare white tea has a very light golden cup.

Shambhala, holds significance within Tibetan Buddhism as the hidden kingdom in which resides a vast army ready to vanquish the forces of evil in the ‘final battle’.
Thereafter, Buddha’s teachings and the Dharma will continue to thrive for another 18 centuries.

It is possible that Shambhala acted as the basis for the mythical land Shangri-La, popularised in the novel, later film, Lost Horizon, by James Hilton.
This Nepalese white tea may well have found its way out of the hidden entrance of Shangri-La and become a gift to tea fanatics everywhere.

Tasting notes:

Soya milk, astringent wild grass, subtle lemon zest, light dried flowers.

Brewing Guide:

Infusion Times Temp. °C Tsp. Cup Tsp. for 1 Lit.
Rinse and rest 1 min.
following infusions 45-60 sec.
70 1 3


Nepalese White Tea.

Weight 50 g