Tangerine White Tea

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This Tangerine-Sinensis is an exciting and unique addition to Hebden Tea; Tangerine White Tea!
This amazing tea consists of a carved, dried tangerine, filled with large White Tea leaves; Camellia sinensis. It is a method of not only preserving tea, but also a way of imparting extra soft fruit flavours to the White Tea without over powering the subtlety of the sinensis. The main tea used is called Shoumei White Tea, which is grown mainly in the Fu-Jian Province or Guangxi Province in China, and resembles a chaotic blend of whole leave, upper leaves, and tips. The sinensis in our Tangerine White Tea is made up of large leaves and is has a fruity flavour with a stronger taste more reminiscent of Oolong. The tea’s natural fruitiness with enhanced further by the natural citrus emanating from the tangerine peel. The clean taste and aroma are certain to brighten your day, and is a perfectly unique addition to anyone’s tea palette.

Brewing Guide

Brewing this tea is incredibly easy.
Simply break off enough for a heaped tea spoon; this includes both tea leaves and dried peel.
Then place the tea into a small teapot and rinse the leaves with hot, not boiling, water.
Allow the tea to soften, then top up with more hot water and leave it to infuse for 1 minute.
Your Tangerine White Tea is now ready, so pour everything out and drink.
This tea can be re-infused, and offers a wealth of flavour that will vary with each golden cup. From the soft White Tea flavours coupled with the light citrus from the tangerine, to the soft, refreshing harshness of the peel that adds an extra dimension to this unique and flavourful tea.

Weight 14 g

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