Milk Steamed Oolong – China




Milk Steamed Oolong

Produced almost entirely by hand, this withered leaf from the Fujian Province of China has an amazingly creamy characteristic.

Once picked the tea leaves are withered and moistened in the steam of milk water, which imparts a deeply satisfyingly creamy, fresh milk taste.
Following this steaming process the leaves are hand rolled and dried before packing.

This oolong offers new and established tea fanatics the chance to enjoy what might one have been thought of as a sin, a part oxidised leaf served with milk!

Tasting notes:

Fresh whole milk, cream, fresh warm cookies, warm toasted cashew nuts, creamy brazil nuts, cut grass, butter, fresh wet leaves.

Infusion TimesTemp. °CTsp. CupTsp. for 1 Lit.
First infusion 1.5 min.
further infusions 30 sec .



Milk Steamed Oolong


Allergy Advice:

Whilst this tea does not contain milk solids, due to the nature of processing the tea we advise those with a lactose intolerance, dairy allergies and vegans to avoid this product.