Milky Oolong – China



Indulge in the captivating allure of our Milky Oolong Tea, a true masterpiece in the world of tea. This exquisite oolong, known for its velvety, creamy notes, is a tea connoisseur’s dream come true.

Why Choose Milky Oolong?

Unique Creaminess: Milky Oolong is celebrated for its uniquely creamy flavour and mouthfeel, making it a tea like no other. Each sip envelopes your senses in a velvety embrace that’s simply irresistible.

Intricate Processing: Crafted with precision and care, our Milky Oolong undergoes a specialized process that gives it its signature creamy character. It’s a testament to the artistry of tea making.

Subtle Floral Notes: Beyond its creamy profile, you’ll discover delicate floral undertones that add depth and complexity to your tea experience. It’s a symphony of taste that’s both soothing and intriguing.

Versatile Enjoyment: Whether you prefer it hot or iced, Milky Oolong is incredibly versatile. It’s perfect for quiet moments of solitude or as an elegant companion to social gatherings.

An Exceptional Gift: Share the magic of Milky Oolong with loved ones. It’s a tea that makes for an exceptional gift, conveying your appreciation and thoughtfulness.

Experience the enchantment of Milky Oolong Tea today and elevate your tea moments to new heights. With each cup, you’ll be transported to a world of creamy indulgence and subtle floral elegance. Make Milky Oolong a cherished part of your tea collection and savor the extraordinary with every sip.

Infusion Times Temp. °C Tsp. Cup Tsp. for 1 Lit.
First infusion 2 min.
further infusions 30 sec .
80 1 3



Milk Steamed Oolong.
Contains: Milk

Allergens Note: Packed in an environment that contains nuts and/or other allergens.

Weight N/A