Kokeicha – Japan

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Kokeicha – Japan

固形茶 ‘Solid Tea’

Kokeicha was born out of the creativity of one Mr Takesawa, a worker in the Shizuoka Tea Trade in Japan.
Unsatisfied with the waste of konacha – the remains of leaf processing and cultivation – Takesawa decided to do something about this.

By grinding konacha into a powder, added water to make a tea paste and – after several experiements – discovered that if the constitution was baked at 120c the catechins would bind the tea together and create a presentable, full-bodied infusion.

Mr Takesawa had just created Kokeicha…

Dark sea green in colour and dry in texture with a solid form. Kokeicha, offers a rich, bitter green tea experience, akin to raw matcha.

Tasting notes:

Thick cut grass and vegetation, bitter lemon, tannin, astringent hay.

Brewing Guide:

SecondsTemp. °CTsp. CupTsp. for 1 Lit.



Green Tea.