Shizuoka/Japan Organic Matcha, 50g



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This artisan green tea is shade grown for 25+ days before picking, the whole leaf is then carefully milled into a fine powder.
A small amount of Matcha is placed into a bowl using a bamboo scoop known as a Chashaku, and then 70–80 °C water is added.
Using a bamboo whisk known as Chasen, the mixture is whisked to a smooth consistency, making sure that no ground tea remains.
It has become fairly common for Matcha to be used in many recipes; including smoothies, ice-cream and cakes.

This matcha is prized for its deep emerald green colour and robust, full flavour.

1 Chasaku (bamboo spoon) / 1 Teaspoon

Mix in 90 ml of 80˚C water.
Whisk using a chasen (bamboo whisk) until the matcha becomes frothy.

Weight 50 g