Gyokuro Wazuka




Gyokuro Wazuka 2021 Harvest

Jade Dew – 27 days cover

Gyokuro Wazuka single estate premium leaf sencha, shade grown in the Wazuka district of Kyoto.
From the foothills of Wazuka, comes the finest Uji cha, steeped in history, tea plants has been cultivated in Wazuka for over 800 years.
The top two leaves are hand cut and steamed locking in true flavour.

Hebden Tea works closely with the tea farmers from a select plantation to ensure the finest quality leaves are cultivated for this infusion. Those with a passion for the finest sencha leaves will find this prized, single estate tea an enlightening experience.

  • APPEARANCE: Rich green cup

  • Scent (Dry Leaf): Sweet hay, dew drops, churned butter.

  • Scent (Wet Leaf): Salted vegetables, seaweed, dry salt.

Tasting notes:

Buttered asparagus, potato starch, sweet cabbage soup, salt, parsnips.



Green Tea.

Allergens Note: Packed in an environment that contains nuts and/or other allergens.

Weight 50 g