Gunpowder Grade 1 – Organic

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Gunpowder Organic Green Tea: Step into the world of tea excellence with our Gunpowder Organic Green Tea. This remarkable tea embodies the art of tradition and sustainability in every sip.

Origin: Our Gunpowder Organic Green Tea is carefully sourced from certified organic tea gardens, ensuring the highest quality and eco-friendly practices. Each leaf reflects the pristine beauty of nature and the dedication to organic excellence.

Flavour Profile:

  • Aroma: As you open the bag, breathe in the fresh and invigorating aroma that dances from the leaves, with subtle hints of smokiness.
  • Taste: Experience a bold and brisk flavour, characteristic of the Gunpowder style, complemented by a gentle, nutty sweetness. As the tightly rolled leaves unfurl in your cup, they release a full-bodied taste that captivates the palate.
  • Finish: This tea leaves you with a clean and crisp finish, followed by a lingering, satisfying aftertaste that beckons for another sip.

Discover the essence of organic green tea with our Gunpowder Organic. Sip, savour, and celebrate the taste of sustainability in every cup.


Brewing Guide:

Seconds Temp. °C Tsp. Cup Tsp. for 1 Lit.
20-30 seconds
re- infuse several times
70-80 1 3


Oragnic Green Tea

Allergens Note: Packed in an environment that contains nuts and/or other allergens.

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