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Our “Tea Around the World” Tea Storage Caddy is a unique and beautiful addition to your tea collection.

Here’s what makes it so special:

Design: This caddy features a white background adorned with a faded blue world map. The map represents the global journey that tea has taken throughout history, and it adds a touch of wanderlust to your tea storage.

Just like most our other caddies, this one can contain up to 100g of tea leaves. It’s the perfect size to store your favourite loose leaf teas and keep them at their freshest.

Charming Illustrations
You’ll also find small drawings of tea cups, teapots, and other tea drinking vessels subtly displayed on the caddy. These charming illustrations celebrate the rich culture of tea from around the world.

The slip-lid design not only looks elegant but also ensures an airtight seal, so your teas remain fresh and flavourful.

This “Around the World” Tea Storage Caddy is not only a practical choice for tea storage but also a piece of art that adds an aesthetic touch to your tea rituals. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Don’t wait to bring this unique caddy into your tea collection.

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 7.3 × 7.3 × 10.00 cm

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