Caddy ‘Birdsong’, 100g


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Birdsong Tea Caddy – A Symphony of Nature in Every Sip

Product Description:

Size: 100g, Slip-Lid

Package Design: Our Birds on a Blue Background Tea Caddy is a visual and sensory delight. Picture a serene blue backdrop adorned with a lively ensemble of delicate birds, butterflies, and charming red flowers. This picturesque design transforms your tea storage into a vibrant celebration of nature, making it a beautiful addition to your tea collection.

Storage Capacity: This caddy is designed to hold up to 100g of your favorite loose leaf teas. The airtight container ensures that your teas stay fresh, fragrant, and ready for your daily brewing rituals.

Nature’s Symphony: Immerse yourself in the gentle melody of nature with every cup. The Birds on a Blue Background Tea Caddy is a blend of carefully selected loose leaf teas that harmonize to create a delightful and refreshing flavor profile.

Light Floral Notes: The subtle fragrance of red flowers dances on your palate, adding a touch of elegance to your tea experience.

Butterfly Kisses: Delight in the delicate, light-hearted essence that butterflies bring to this enchanting blend.

Birdsong Harmony: The blend’s name says it all – savor the symphony of flavors as you enjoy the calming, rhythmic notes of this unique tea.

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 73 × 73 × 100 cm