Summer is finally here, so to celebrate we’ve selected a few blends to make it that much brighter!


Made from the inner barks of the Pau D’Arco trees that grow in Argentina, Brazil and Central America. Lapacho is used in the herbal medicine of several South and Central American indigenous peoples, when brewed for 30 minutes to treat a number of aliments including infections, fever and stomach complaints. To achieve a pleasant and refreshing taste we recommend an infusion time of 2-4 minutes with 80°C water.

Olive Tree Leaves

Using leaves from the Olive trees, these naturally caffeine-free infusions offer a tangy flavour complemented by a slight sweetness. These golden yellow teas simply must be tried during the summer months!


Our own range of colourful caffeine-free infusions are perfect if you’re looking for something other than your usual herbal infusions. With their natural sweet flavouring, Dreamcatchers provide you with a light and soothing taste perfect for enjoying during the summer evenings, without interrupting your sleeping pattern.

By Hannah Skidmore