Top 7 teas for cold weather.

It’s almost that time of year again; the days are getting shorter and the wind is getting colder. At the Hebden Tea Company, we are firm believers in the warming powers of tea, so have put together this list of teas and infusions that are perfect for the coming winter months.

7. Masala Chai Black – Black tea

Masala Chai black tea

Our most traditional masala chai black tea; this organic tea has no added flavouring, and gets its distinctive taste purely from the blend of herbs and spices. A particularly comforting drink that is perfect with or without milk. (For other varieties, have a look at our Green, Morning and Sweet Chilli masala chai infusions.)

6. Orange Cookies – Black Tea

Orange Cookies black tea

This flavoured black tea is a perfect companion particularly (but not only!) in the winter season. Its characteristic is its spiciness: a generous portion of sweet apple pieces masterfully rounds off sweet cinnamon bits, spicy coriander, cardamom, cloves and hot, fruity pepper. The scent of juicy oranges and delicate cream complete this unique taste experience.

5. Sencha Almond and Orange – Green Tea

Sencha Almond & Orange

Organic Chinese Sencha and Japanese Bancha leaves combined with the smoothly sweet tastes of almond and orange; this delightful blend makes a refreshing yet festive infusion. The traditional red peppercorns and safflower petals bring a decorative and Christmassy look to a stunning and delicious blend.

4. Winter Warmer – Fruit Infusion

Winter Warmer - Pumpkin

This is an excellent pumpkin-flavoured fruit tea for days when you need to keep the cold away. It is rich in flavour, warming, mildly spicy and low in acid. This infusion is also an excellent blend to enjoy late in the evenings to help you keep warm – you will love the aftertaste of cloves and cinnamon.

3. Hebden Yoga – Wellness Tea

Hebden Yoga

Yoga tea is the classic among the Ayurvedic tea varieties. In our blend you will find stinging nettle leaves in addition to the classic spicy ingredients; this is a vitalising warm drink on cold days. Caffeine-free, our Hebden Yoga is pleasant at any time of day.

2. Hebden Earl Grey Cinnamon – Herbal Blend

Cinnamon Earl Grey

This popular herbal blend combines a rich spiciness with the natural sweetness of broken star-anise pieces. The addition of bergamot flavouring enhances the aroma of an already indulgent blend.

1. Gingerbread – Rooibos

Rooibos Gingerbread

The rich, naturally woody taste of rooibos is already a perfect treat for cold days, but the added tastes of gingerbread and orange in this blend allow you to truly spoil yourself. Caffeine-free, and incredibly festive, this decorative infusion makes a wonderful gift… for others or yourself!