It’s the most chocolaty time of the year, and we can’t get enough of the stuff! We even have a delicious range of teas perfect for the coming season; chocolate teas!

Cinnamon and Orange Black Tea:

Cinnamon and Orange Black Tea

Chocolate by any other name will taste just as sweet; although this tea is predominantly flavoured with cinnamon and orange, the chocolate chips balance the spicy and citrus flavours perfectly to create a rich bodied drink with a hint of sweetness.


Chocolate Black Tea:

Chocolate Black Tea

Exactly what it says on the tin; black tea meets chocolate chips to result in a rich, well-rounded drink with notes reminiscent of praline. Experience our chocolate tea in its purest form, or add a splash of milk to enhance the creamy flavour.


Chocolate and Mint Black Tea:

Chocolate and Mint Black Tea

The deep, chocolaty taste of this tea is enhanced by the freshness of the mint, making it the ideal treat for any tea lover. Warming and refreshing, a cup of this blend is the perfect way to finish an evening meal.


Chocolate and Coconut Black Tea:

Chocolate and Coconut Black Tea

The smooth, creamy combination of chocolate and coconut in black tea is a treat not to miss this Easter. The aromatic, yet mild flavours balance the harshness of the black tea, and for a lighter, even creamier flavour, add a dash of milk.


Sencha, Chocolate and Rose:

Sencha, Chocolate and Rose

This delicious blend of green and white tea with the added flavours of sweet chocolate and delicate rose provides a smooth and fragrant cup. A tea with deep layers providing a unique experience for the drinker; chocolate without the calories and roses without the thorns.


Chocolate and Orange Rooibos:

Chocolate and Orange Rooibos

The naturally slightly nutty taste of Rooibos is the perfect base for any flavour, but most noticeably chocolate! This caffeine-free infusion tastes just like a dessert; it is smooth and sweet with a wonderful aroma and notes of thirst-quenching citrus.


Chocolate Cake Honeybush:

Chocolate Cake Honeybush

This truly indulgent Honeybush infusion makes a fantastic alternative to hot chocolate! Incredibly aromatic with the wonderfully rich flavour of chocolate cake, this warming drink is caffeine-free and therefore suitable at any time of the day.